How York Prep Has Adapted

Throughout the summer, the staff at York Prep dedicated their time towards preparing a safe and welcoming environment, alongside an adaptable plan, for students to return to school this fall. We are so thrilled to see our students back on campus, and online-and we have been receiving positive feedback from both parents and students alike. We welcome you to contact us anytime with your questions and comments!

In the meantime, please click through the slideshow to see some of the renovations we have made to create safe settings to support the growth and development of our students. Our rooftop, which showcases blue skies and iconic NYC skylines, has been a hit with students. We have hosted classes, club meetings, and other gatherings in this vast open air space. Speaking of vast open air spaces, physical education classes have also been enjoyed throughout Central Park.

Our gymnasium has been repurposed for students with a large selection of socially-distanced tables and desks. In each classroom, desks are spread out and teachers bring their Macbook Air laptops to synchronously teach remote students during live classes.

At the beginning of classes, teachers plug their laptops into a small hub, which is also attached to a camera and microphone stand. The cameras can be positioned to mirror whiteboard material viewed by both remote and in-class students; and they can be moved around to show other classroom activity. “We have tried so hard to make a good learning experience for both the in-person and the remote learners and to make it as safe as possible,” says Technology Director Richard Abba. “The teachers are going above and beyond.”

Plexiglass shields are present on all communal tables, which blend in seamlessly. Our science labs have been outfitted with clover-shaped tables to promote social distancing.

Last but not least, air purifiers are on in all classrooms. Our beautiful casement windows bring in a steady stream of fresh air throughout the day.