Fall Scholars Program Courses

The mission of the Scholars Program is to foster genuine intellectual curiosity and cultivate a strong sense of inquisitive thinking. The aim of this program is to allow students to excavate new interests that may be dormant, and to dig deeper to hone their curiosities in a variety of fields and topics. Students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning.
This fall, the courses span a wide range of subjects that students can apply to everyday life and current events. The upper school course offering includes Poetry Workshop with Ms. Umansky, Real-Life Algebra Problems with Ms. Povshko, Flash Fiction Writing with Ms. Tabourin, Bridging the Gap: Ancient, Modern & Programming Languages with Mr. Snepar, Carved in Stone: & Cast in Bronze: Monuments and Public with Dr. K., Protest Literature with Dr. Davis, and Intro to Data Analysis with Mr. Buckley. For middle school students, the selection includes Intro to Italian with Ms. Salerno and Exploring & Digesting Poetry: a poetry workshop.