Meet the New York Prep Faculty and Administration Members

We are excited to welcome new members to the York Prep faculty and administration team this year! Meet Brittany Adkins-Williams, Sean Ahern, Dana Boyan, Isabel Boyce, Rolanda Brinson, Barry Cleckley, Tirza Kassai, Shayna Levin, Shannon Magni, Genna Sarnak, Joseph Strazza, and Rachel Tennant.

Our new teachers join York Prep with a vast and diverse range of experiences and specialties, and they are eager to meet all of their students! With backgrounds from all over the country, our new members have collectively traveled to over 30 countries and speak more than four languages. Not only are they equipped to support and nurture the growth of our students this year, but they also come with a multitude of co-curricular skills—from woodworking to coding to Ultimate Frisbee prowess!