Genesis 2020

by Leah Umansky

The Genesis Staff are so excited to showcase all of the student writers and artists for the upcoming 2020 issue of York Prep's award-winning literary and art magazine, Genesis.  Click through to see the student contributors and our award winners for 2020.
Our editorial and art team have been hard at work on this year's issue and hope to have it published before we return in the fall. We will have physical copies of the magazine to celebrate your accomplishments when we return in the fall.

A special note of thanks to the senior contributors:  some of you have been contributing to Genesis and have been a part of the club for many years and we will truly miss you! Rest assured, copies will be sent to your home address on file when the issue is distributed!

We are so proud of all of you, and can’t wait to share your terrific work in the magazine with the York Prep community and beyond!  We look forward to seeing the issue in print and sharing it with you all at the Fall Genesis Gala! Stay tuned!

Genesis Awards 2020:
Best Poem: “i miss you ocean” by Leila Robb, 11th grade 
Best Studio/Digital Art: “Trip's Expressions” by Ming Robinson, 11th grade
Best Photograph: “Mindfulness and the Unknown” by William Van Der Rhoer, 10th grade 
Student Contributors and Writers: (all grades)
Ava Hougie 
Jack Zaretsky 
Jadyn Sardoff 
Barrett Reese
Rehannah Baksh 
Sariah Johnson
Lorraine Stoller 
Nicholas Spillum 
Scarlett Sinclair-Carin 
Anders Pryor
Louise Wade
Isabel Veyssi 
Cesar Sassoon 
Jenna Saevitzon 
Graziana Rutigliano 
Ming Robinson 
Leila Robb 
Nicole Rashkover 
Jack Flesher 
Eliza Eckstein 
Lola Cabigeos 
William van der Rhoer 
Kaia Seldman 
Jocelyn Rowland 
Molly Robb
Robson Mathews 
Wells Labbé 
Ava Ellis 
Andrew LaVallee
Erika Lampe 
Rome Kadi 
Chase Hejtmanek
Emily Singh 
Owen Barbagallo 
William Miller 
Sophia Martinez
Cameron Chinquee
Cover Art: "Tension", mixed media, by Chase Hejtmanek