Eighth–grader Nicholas Belladonna Papajohn Receives Honorable Mention from Scholastic Awards For His Poetry

Nicholas Belladonna Papajohn submitted his poem Wondering, to the 2020 NYC Scholastic Awards, presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, in partnership with The New School, after writing it for his middle school scholars program poetry class. In addition to an Honorable Mention award, he received a letter citing his work as “as the most outstanding work submitted among peers”. The Scholastic Awards were established in 1923, and have recognized some of the nation’s most famous artists and writers while they were teenagers, including Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol.

By Nicholas Belladonna Papajohn
The greenwood forest was calm during this hour of twilight
When the forest drawls, and brabble from within
You know they are here to gorgonize your journey
For the sadness of your loss lurks inly
From the lands of Fardel to the bright blue sea
Agone may your lands and allies be
But hope still lives in your dwindling faith
Hope that you will one day find them
The dreadful night when it all happened
The night when you lost all that you loved
The night when they came