December Athlete of the Month: Track Team Captain Mark Tillinghast

Track team captain Mark Tillinghast is a 10th grader in his second year at York.  Last year, he ran on the cross country team and winter track team. While he started out as a strong distance runner, he has transitioned to 300 meter or 600 meter for track.
“At first, what inspired me most to run for York was for physical benefit,” says Mark. “Once I joined, however, I found both the winter track and cross-country teams to be so cooperative and motivational.”
Coach Joyce Perley describes Mark as a very consistent team member who shows up for practice, is always willing to do any work out, and works hard in every race. She says, “He is a stronger, more confident runner this year, and he has shown that he has good leadership skills as he supports his teammates and shows an interest in the performances of everyone.”
Mark is a true team leader, and recognizes the value of team work. He says, “Though track and cross-country are commonly thought of as individual sports, our runners ran remarkably well with the support of one another, which caused us to form a well-oiled team. I can't believe how much progression our squad has made since September, and overall, I am honored to be chosen team captain and Athlete of the Month.”