Seventh-grade Students Visit The Met Fifth Avenue Ancient Egyptian Art Collection

On October 7th, seventh-grade students went to The Met Fifth Avenue with History teachers Eric Tull, Emily-Greta Tabourin, and Lillian Kennedy. They visited the Ancient Egyptian Art section to culminate their study of ancient Egypt. 
During their visit, they saw portions of an actual tomb, a temple of worship, and an embalmed mummy.  They also had the chance to see stone tools and weapons, jewelry, pottery, statues, carvings, and paintings. Students wrote observations and artistic opinions about various artifacts, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to sketch them. 
The students engaged enthusiastically in the activities during this trip, and offered thoughtful responses to what they saw.  One student declared that it was her best field trip ever. The commute to The Met, which involved a stroll through Central Park on a lovely autumn day, added to the students’ and the teachers’ enjoyment.