New Section of Literature highlighting LGBTQ+ Issues Added to the Library

York Prep’s new librarian, Emily Mercado, started a new collection featuring fiction and non-fiction books that highlight LGBTQ+ issues. “My goal for this collection is to give students who identify as LGBTQ+ an avenue to both learn more and find characters in books that are ‘like them’,” said Ms. Mercado. “My ultimate goal is to have a collection of good books for all ages- teachers and students alike.” 
Ms. Mercado worked with English teacher Lesley Brown to build to collection. She ordered books from the American Library Association’s Stonewall Book Award list, as well as other books featuring LGBTQ+ main characters.
“It is my hope that this collection will give all students the opportunity to read about different life experiences,” said Ms. Mercado. “I’m always looking for suggestions to add, and I’m looking forward to growing the collection throughout the year!”