New State-of-the-Art Music Lab Provides Students with a Space to Explore and Create Digital and Traditional Music

The music room, located in Room 100 at York Prep, was given a major overhaul! It re-launched as the newly enhanced music lab at the beginning of this school year.
The music lab is comprised of 10 workstations. Each workstation is equipped with a new iMac computer, studio-quality Sennheiser headphones, an iRig MIDI controller, and a suite of music recording/notation software. A large projector allows music teacher, Coty Cockrell, to project everything from lyrics, to annotations, to films for the students to score! Stereo speakers and a “musical exploration zone” furnished with individual keyboard stations, guitars, and ukuleles enhance the hands-on musical experience for students. 
Middle school music classes as well as high school music electives (songwriting and music technology) are currently conducted in the music lab.  The Digital Music Club will also meet there. Club meeting times will be updated and posted outside of the lab.
“My favorite thing about the lab is that we have the ability to have class discussions and activities with integrated technology, as well as the freedom to work on individual projects,” said Mr. Cockrell. “I can teach a concept, let the students explore that concept on their own, and bring the class back together to share their work.”
As the year progresses, additional software and musical components will be added to the music lab. So far, Mr. Cockrell has noticed that the students love experimenting and perfecting their digital music skills on the computers! They have been working in the program, GarageBand, and
the students have already produced an impressive collection of work.
“Presently we are working on the foundations of music and technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring!” said Mr. Cockrell. “We are making our own beats and compositions using loops and software instruments, learning the basics for songwriting and music notation, and even writing an original musical!  In the next few months we will be delving into film/animation scoring, design using ‘found sounds’, and music notation/publication so that students’ work can be submitted to York Prep’s literary magazine and online presence.”