Hospital of Special Surgeries Warms Up York Prep Athletics

This spring, the York Prep Panthers athletic department will be taking part in a season-long study regarding proper warmup and injury prevention for all student-athletes. A proper warmup decreases the chances of injury significantly.

This study will look at the positive relationship between how student-athletes are warming up prior to a practice or contest and their performances.

This warmup, called by HSS the Neurodynamic warmup, focuses on the movement of each exercise along with thinking about how the athlete is doing the movement. For example, when performing a forward lunge, the athlete should also be thinking about a straight back, chest out and engaging the core. The warmup should only take around 10 minutes and will properly get the athletes engaged for their activities, regardless of the sport.

York Prep is very excited to be practicing these methods and is looking forward to a safe, fun, successful spring season!