Sitella and John Smith

Why did you choose York Prep?
Our son was previously in an extremely rigorous academic environment that was not quite the right fit for his overall personal and athletic growth and development.   He needed to be in a school that would allow him the opportunity to fulfill his academic potential, while providing him with the support necessary to pursue extracurricular interests, particularly sports, at a high level.
What was the most important factor when you were considering schools?
We were seeking a school with a strong academic curriculum associated with a low student/teacher ratio, as well as a supportive and nurturing environment that would help John optimize his potential in and out of the classroom as provided by the entire faculty and staff.
What has been most memorable to you about York Prep?
York Prep has afforded John the opportunity to be his best self, regain his true personality and confidence, enjoy his pursuit of academic excellence (loves his coursework, faculty and staff), and participate in sports without compromising his overall academic and personal experiences.  He has also quickly developed meaningful friendships. His time to date at York Prep has changed the trajectory of his academic, psycho-emotional, and social well-being, as well as enhanced our family relationship dynamic.  A special thank you to Mr. Stewart and the entire staff for providing John the environment where we have been able to see him thrive, and we are all super excited about the prospect of the amazing journey for all of us in the years ahead.

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