Alex Chilkowitz Talks About Embracing Our Differences

What grade are you in?

I am in 12th grade.

When did you enter York Prep?

I entered York Prep in 6th grade.
What do you remember the most about entering York Prep in 6th grade?

What I remember most from 6th grade is the orientation on the first day. I remember seeing the school for the first time and meeting my classmates who some of which I am still in school with to this day.

What clubs/ sports do you participate in?

I participate in WYRK, the community service club, the scholars club, and of course, the ambassadors club.

What projects do you work on in Scholars club and what has inspired you the most in the Scholars Club?

In Scholars Club, one of the projects I worked on was making a blueprint for a statue. What inspired me the most in this project was just learning the history behind monuments and it led to me appreciating monuments more.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of school.

Outside of school, I have been working with several community service organizations to help better the city of New York. Also, I have been working on getting ready for college.
Which community service organizations do you work with and what kind of work do you do with them?

One of the community service organizations I work with is called Friendship Circle. In this organization, I and a friend of mine work with another child who has difficulties with things like communication.

What have you learned from doing community service?

One thing I have learned from this organization is that there is no such thing as "normal", everyone is different and instead of letting those differences change who we are, we have to live with these differences and embrace them.

What has been your best memory here at York?

My best memory here at York is overall just seeing my friends every day.

If you could give yourself advice as a student entering York, what would it be?

To get a good group of friends and to focus on bettering your habits as it will help you later on in high school.