Ninth-grade Student Katherine Carr Cultivates Her Passions and Interests at York Prep

What grade are you in

I am in 9th grade currently.

When did you enter York Prep?

I entered York Prep in 6th grade.
Tell us about your experience entering York Prep as a sixth grader.

Entering York Prep in 6th grade was great because everyone was new and there were really no (established) friendships so you could make friends. Also it was nice to have a fresh start at a new school and have a community that loves you, Every teacher wants to help you and see you strive.

What clubs/ sports do you participate in?
In 6th grade, I was part of the swim club, the Italian Club, and Scholars photography. In 7th grade I was on the volleyball team, in the Scholars Italian program, and in The Paw  (the school’s newspaper). For 8th grade I am in the Scholars Italian program, The Paw, and Student Government Organization. Through 6th-8th grade I have been part of the Ambassadors Club, and I always look forward to giving tours, participating in open houses, talking about why I love York Prep and the support they give towards each child.
Tell us more about your experience working on The Paw, and what inspires you to write.

My experience working on The Paw has been extraordinary. The advisors are willing to help you get started or help you organize your article so it makes the best logical sense. Before York, I was on the school newspaper and I felt it was a safe place for me to express my opinion. Also, I could write topics that I feel strongly about.
What is your favorite part of Italian Club and Scholars Italian? What inspired you to join and choose that course?

I am part Italian, and it was nice to see that culture brought to York Prep School. In 6th grade I was part of Italian Club led by Ms. Rhodes, and we would have fun and learn basic Italian words and play guessing games. In 7th and 8th grade, it got a little more serious where we had a set class and it was led by Ms. Salerno. In this class we would go over family, food, and traits. My favorite part was describing a person and the rest of the students would have to guess who it was.
What is your favorite part of being a part of Student Government Organization, and how is it working with students from all the different grades?

My favorite part of SGO is working with the other student representatives and building a connection with them, so we come up with helpful and caring ideas for our community inside York Prep as well as outside the community. It is fun to work with students from different grades.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of school.

Outside of school I enjoy horse-back riding, and I pursue that by taking lessons at Stony Hill stables. I also enjoy playing ping-pong with my family and friends. My younger sister is so sweet so I spend lots of time with her and take care of her.

What has been your best memory here at York?

My best memory at York Prep is whenever I got my name called on for receiving an award at the York Prep Annual Awards ceremony. In 6th grade I won the Reading and Writing award, and the Headmaster’s List award. In seventh grade I won the Reading and Writing award, the Honor Roll award. the Dance award, the Gym award, and the Best Student award which Ms. Maggiotto presented to me.

If you could give yourself advice as a student entering York, what would it be?

I would say to be yourself and don’t try to push yourself so hard the first year. Also make good impressions on your teachers, so later on they could write you a recommendation.