Gary Kadi

Why did you choose York Prep? 
I chose York Prep because of the structure it offers. That structure provides him with a tremendous amount of support with executive/organizational abilities, cognitive abilities, and socialization.
What was the most important factor when you were considering schools? 
The same as above and also because York takes into consideration much more than just the student’s academic past. They were able to meet Rome at the point he was starting from and the results have far surpassed what we expected. He’s willing to do the homework because he does not feel overwhelmed and as a result he has grown tremendously-he is on the honor roll and the headmaster’s list. In addition, the heritage of leadership and the quality of the teachers also surpassed any other school we considered.
What has been most memorable to you about York Prep? 
How they handle breakdowns and adversity, whether it’s from a child causing a disruption, or the pandemic, the level of communication, responsibility, and support is beyond what you could ever ask.

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