Moneesha Malloy

Why did you choose York Prep? 
I chose York Prep because of all of the Independent/ Private Schools that we interviewed for this was the school that made us feel welcomed the most. York has a genuine interest in the student and has an amazing culture that I am happy to have been apart of. There is a sense of comfort at York.
What was the most important factor when you were considering schools? 
A comfortable, diverse and encouraging environment for learning.
What has been most memorable to you about York Prep? 
What’s most memorable to me is how much my daughter has achieved within the right environment (York Prep) and graduated as a member of the National Honor Society and a York Prep Scholar. We have also made lasting friendships and two of her very good friends will be going to the same college with her.
Each time I walked into the school I felt like a human being and not a school file. Being greeted with genuine smiles, active listening, and sincere responses make all the difference.

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