Lance Martin

Training: Dance Live, California; Funk Beyond Control; Meidu Studio, Xi’an China

Lance Martin began training in his hometown of San Francisco, CA and have continued it across the country and abroad. Having taken an interest in hip hop at an early age, he was largely self-taught until becoming a member of the “Dance Live” company in California at 14 and studying the art and technical skills of dance.

To further advance his training, Lance was admitted to “FBC” (Funk Beyond Control), where he soon became one of the youngest directors and choreographers in the company. He moved to New York to pursue better opportunities for dance and almost immediately found a home with “WRT,” competing in regional showcases and now directing for the group.

Lance has had the opportunity grow his choreography as a mentor and artistic director for young pop-groups in the Tri-State Area, as well as through a residence in Xi’an China teaching Jazz and Hip Hop at the “Meidu” studio.