Julie Sarasohn

Julie Sarasohn is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts for college where she earned her B.S. in Secondary Education with a specialization in American History and a minor in Spanish. However, her desire to travel, learn Spanish, and experience other cultures drew her to Madrid, Spain. Throughout the decade she spent on the Iberian Peninsula she taught English privately and as a classroom teacher. Her love for learning the Spanish language and culture was further developed while completing a Masters in Spanish with Midddlebury College while living in Madrid.

After leaving Spain, Sra. Sarasohn moved to South Korea to teach high school Spanish at a small international private school. She comes to York Prep after a year teaching at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Sra. Sarasohn is excited to share her love of the Spanish language with York Prep students and to inspire the same enjoyment and interest in travel, culture, and language that she has after many years abroad.