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  • A Kool Way to Dye: Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid

    Students who took Mr. Cockrell’s Summer Program online course were treated to a tasty way to customize their own natural yarns! Pictured here is a colorful collection of Kool-Aid dyed yarn, as well as Mr. Cockrell’s pillows that he crafted using the dyed yarn!
  • The Art of Traditional Jewish Cooking

    This month, Mr. Schwartz’s The Art of Traditional Jewish Cooking class gave York Prep parents and students the opportunity to get closer through a delicious shared experience. The recipes that Mr. Schwartz’s Eastern European grandmother cooked for him throughout his childhood came to life during this Summer Program online course with dishes including dill pickles, noodle pudding, and chicken soup. Mr. Schwartz took parents and students through each recipe as they cooked along. Lemon poppy sour cream cake and latkes are featured in the photos on the right.
  • Stories Without Words

    Students who participated in Ms. Spencer’s Intro To Diaristic Photography explored narrative photography. They practiced their skills through the lens of lighting, composition, framing, and perspective. We present to you their intriguing photographic stories. Scroll through to see the work of Ameli Okuda, Aliyah Phillips, Mark Tillinghast, Evan Young, Remi Young, Ruthie LaTona, Susanna Gruhn, Jack Gaffigan, and Rowan Maitland.
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