English 10: “World Literature”

Students in tenth grade English will contemplate similarities and differences in worldviews to develop an understanding of their own place in the world. Literary selections span time periods and philosophies, so that students can gain unique perspective of momentous events from around the world throughout history, consider cross-cultural parallels and divergences, and think about what it means to be human. Plays, poetry, novels, and short fiction, both historic and contemporary, challenge the students to think beyond their traditional roles and values. Over the year, students develop and refine their unique voices as they deepen their understanding of the writing process. Reading comprehension and annotated reading are emphasized so that students can better understand and respond to the material. Vocabulary is introduced and studied from within the source texts. Grammar is taught specifically and is often intertwined with student compositions.


The following is a representative list of books read in 10th Grade English classes: The Oedipus Cycle (Antigone); Le Morte d’Arthur; Julius Caesar; A Christmas Carol; The Good Earth; Things Fall Apart; The Kite Runner; 1984; A Long Way Gone; Persepolis; Life of Pi