English 7: “Identity & Sense of Self”

Identity development is at the center of the 7th grade English curriculum, which teaches students about a sense of self through a variety of themes and genres. As children investigate the identities of the characters, they also discover their own voices through writing assignments and projects. Consequently, students gain an understanding of how storytelling shapes people’s personal and collective histories and how literature reflects the conflicts and obstacles of their times. Like the short stories, novels, poems, and biographies in the course, development in terms of writing is also a self-reflective process. Students self-assess throughout the year to better understand how they comprehend the grammar and vocabulary, which is integrated into the literature studied. They will also develop an understanding of the writing process, parts of speech and sentences, story elements, types of language, purpose, and point of view.


The following is a representative list of books read in 7th Grade English Classes: The Pearl; The Westing Game; Gifted Hands; Joan of Arc; Little Worlds; Brian’s Winter; Number the Stars.