Performing Arts

Our goal at York Prep is to foster a supportive and collaborative environment where students learn to express themselves through the performing arts–in particular, music and drama. York Prep’s Performing Arts program is designed to encourage students with or without any prior performing experience to feel at ease communicating and expressing themselves in front of their peers.

The Performing Arts at York Prep is a project/performance based program. At the end of each semester, Drama students will perform scenes in their classes from various plays, both traditional and original. Students expressing a desire to continue performing have the chance to audition for two main stage productions: one in the fall and one in the spring. These are fully produced and require a commitment to rehearsal time after school. There are opportunities in both productions for students to assist with direction, stage management, costume design, set design, prop management, and choreography.

Music classes will culminate with a major musical celebration at the end of each semester, where students collaborate on and perform a collection of songs. As with the drama main stage productions, all parents and friends are encouraged to attend.

We recognize that not all students will feel comfortable on stage. For those students, we open the door to the many creative behind-the-scenes opportunities essential to the success of any performance. These roles might include directing a scene, writing a scene, composing music, stage managing, marketing, choreography, costume design, set design, and prop mastering.

Many students at York Prep go on to attend prestigious performing arts colleges, universities, and conservatories and eventually go on to successful careers in music and drama. Those who pursue other paths still find their experience with the performing arts, the confidence, and the new skills they gain highly rewarding. What makes our program unique is that, by concentrating on the basics and truly collaborating with the students, we allow students to develop at different speeds and thus can satisfy both the serious performing arts student as well as the student with little or no prior knowledge who is discovering avenues for dramatic and musical enjoyment and appreciation.

Dance classes at York Prep filmed in our Dance Studios by Senior, Chloe Safra


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