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Upper School Curriculum
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NYC Prep High School Courses That Foster Student Growth

In order to help every one of our students achieve bright futures, York Prep has developed its own unique and highly specialized upper school curriculum. As a leading NYC prep school, we have designed our class structure to challenge and encourage each student to do his or her best in all areas of study, making sure that every child is given the skills needed for higher education.

From English courses through Technology classes, York Prep teachers are personally invested in the academic growth of their students. In turn, each boy and girl is expected to set lofty goals for his or her own academic career and to develop the skills needed to succeed in all walks of life. In keeping with York’s emphasis on our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum, STEM Lab and our technology electives are student-centered, project-based classes that teach students to set and achieve their own goals while pursuing their own creative interests.

Setting the Pace for a Rewarding College Career

York Prep students are placed into curriculum levels offering an appropriate challenge, which is set according to their past performance, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations. Once placed into their respective class levels, our students are then monitored to make certain that they are able to handle the demands of their coursework. This helps us ensure that every student receives the educational experience he or she needs.

Over the course of their time at York Prep, our students gradually build the credentials and strong academic marks to enroll in the college of their choosing. Every year, dozens of York Prep graduates go on to enlist in some of the most prestigious college institutions in the United States. Our college acceptance list includes a diverse number of universities across the country.