Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum
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A NYC Middle School Curriculum That Prepares Students for Success

At York Prep, we believe that every student has the drive and ambition to achieve academic excellence and develop the skills necessary to succeed in all walks of life. In order to help motivate all our students to reach their goals, we have designed our middle school curriculum to encourage students to apply themselves to their full potential.

Our middle school courses are comprised of small classes, allowing us to monitor effectively the academic progress of our middle school students and to provide support on an individual basis. When our staff notices that a student is either excelling in a course or having difficulty with a subject, they are able to provide them with the proper direction they need. York’s Middle School Technology/STEM curriculum allows student to investigate technology to aid and advance their learning as well as to create individualized learning opportunities for each student.

Courses and Materials Selected on an Individual Basis

In both our middle school and upper school courses, students are organized into academic tracks–e.g. Honors, Level 1, Level 2–that provide challenge and growth appropriate to skill level. Placement is typically determined by past performance, teacher recommendations, and standardized test scores.

As a result of our academic tracking system, our students are always placed in classes that are challenging yet accessible. Our teachers strive to foster critical thinking and intellectual initiative, while also making sure that students feel supported in their academic pursuits. This allows us to ensure that every young boy or girl enrolled in our middle school is able to prepare for upper school experiences while also enjoying the social dynamic of the York Prep environment.