What York Prep Parents Are Saying

Why is York Prep a good school for me?
"I’ve had two kids at York Prep. I couldn’t be happier with the school, and can’t say enough great things about it."

"A wonderful preparatory school that does an exceptional job preparing students to move ahead in their education as well as their creative passions."

"York Prep has exceeded our expectations both academically and ethically. We thank you so much for the opportunity and honor it has been for our family to have (our children) with you. The way the school has dealt with this pandemic will be an outstanding example and unforgettable part of its legacy."
"I can offer my greatest endorsement of the York Prep education and I would advise any prospective students to explore their program."

"The entire staff is supportive and cares about the children's emotional and overall personal well-being."

"I feel like my daughter is able to navigate all the extra activities that she loves to do and is encouraged to do them. York Prep is a gem."
"We transferred our child over to York this year from a top 12 Niche rated high school in NYC. Academically, our child performed very well at his previous school which was very rigorous. Here at York, not only does our child feel more challenged, most importantly he stated that he is learning more than he has previously and with a more effective development of his thought process and problem-solving approach."
"Amazing school with the right balance of academic challenge and support. Very responsive to parents and excellent teachers."
"The school has wonderful dedicated teachers that cared a lot about our child’s educational progress. They tailored our child’s education to his exact needs and because of the school’s high standards in academics, he excelled any expectations we had. He became a well rounded independent student ready to go to college."

"The dedication of the teachers and the culture of peer collaboration is making a big positive difference."
"York Prep has been an amazing school for our daughter. She has flourished academically with the support of all the teachers, the small classes, and the Jump Start Program."
"The teachers proved to be flexible, impressive, and caring over and over again."

"I am so grateful for all they have done for my daughter and our family. My daughter's education has been exceptional."

"The team at York Prep are so caring, loving, and supportive. And the Jump Start Program is incredible."

"Inside or out of York, we are proud to be part of such a fine school. We are so fortunate."

"We want to express to you our great gratitude for your support of our son. You have taught, nurtured and pushed-in just the right balance. We are so lucky that our son has such an amazing team behind him."

"My daughter’s success is due to all the dedicated staff and faculty at York. I am proud of my daughter's achievements but if she were a beautiful flower, York would be the sun and the rain."

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