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College Acceptance List

Exceptional College Enrollment by Exceptional NYC Prep School Students

At York Prep School, our students are given the tools and support they need to be fully prepared for enrollment into a higher education institution. As a leading NYC prep school that specializes in college preparation, our curriculum has been developed to not only meet the individual needs of our students, but also to support their personal and social growth. As a result, our alumni are given all the skills they need to excel wherever life takes them.

In addition to our standard upper school curriculum, eleventh and twelfth grade students also have access to other resources that help prepare them for college. On the recommendation of our Headmaster, students may take courses in New York City colleges such as NYU, Columbia, or Hunter College. Advanced Placement work is also available at York Prep School, and we have an active National Honor Society.

Onward to Bright Futures

Every year, our high school graduates go on to enroll in many of the nation’s most prestigious and well-regarded college institutions. From local New York colleges through Ivy League schools such as Harvard or Yale University, our alumni have gained acceptance into top-ranked universities that further their education and set them on the path to a bright and rewarding career path.

By following their passions and committing themselves to excel in the classroom, York Prep School graduates have entered into the following colleges. We take immense pride in the success of all our students and wish them well as they graduate towards a life full of new challenges and well-earned successes.