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York Prep's College Guidance program, designed and directed by Mrs. Jayme Stewart, assists students in finding and gaining acceptance to a college most suited to their needs, abilities, and preferences. To achieve this goal, the College Guidance office holds individual and group meetings with parents and students on a continual basis.

One of York Prep's key missions as a New York City private school is to prepare students for college. College preparation begins as early as 6th grade when curriculum choices are reviewed to ensure that each student's educational growth is maximized. For example, students who demonstrate the requisite skills can take honors Math in 7th grade, followed by Pre-Algebra and placement in the stronger math classes to finally earn a place in honors Calculus in the 12th grade.

Formal college guidance begins during a student's junior year. After eleventh graders take the PSATs that fall, individual and group meetings with the college guidance counselor begin. Other members of the school administration, guidance professionals, and faculty are also consulted. Students receive recommendations for specific colleges and universities that may best meet their needs and are informed that all improvements in grades, summer college courses, and SAT scores will enhance their chances of acceptance and may dramatically change the initial college list.

York Prep is proud of and well known for its College Guidance program among private schools in Manhattan and beyond. The office works with the student to create a realistic list of nine colleges where he/she can successfully perform. York Prep believes that the student is the client--not the parent--and accordingly accepts much of the burden to guide the student through the anxieties and details of college applications. Mrs. Stewart has many years of experience as the Director of College Guidance and is the author of a well received book on the subject. Because of her reputation and through the use of senior mailboxes, nag letters, and direct communication with colleges, we have a high rate of placement success and student satisfaction.

The emphasis is always on giving the student the ultimate responsibility for following clear schedule guidelines and completing the application process. In this way, students gain a real sense of accomplishment when they finish the program and are prepared for college where they must take on self-responsibility and self-advocacy. The acceptance rate of graduating seniors has always been above 85% for their top college choices.

College guidance at York Prep does not end with college acceptance. We encourage our graduates to continue to communicate with us once they arrive at their colleges. Once again, the College Guidance Director will not hesitate to contact a college directly if a York Prep graduate needs advocacy during the college years. Early in winter, cards are sent to new undergraduates asking them to describe their experiences and reactions to college life. The College Guidance office is always open and willing to assist York Prep graduates who wish to transfer or re-apply to any college.
For more on York Prep’s College Guidance program, the book How to Get into the College of Your Choice: and How to Finance It (William Morrow & Co.), written by Jayme Stewart, is available as a valuable resource and reference.