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The Arts at York Prep

As a premier NYC prep school located in the heart of Manhattan, York Prep School is devoted to providing our students with the tools and resources they need to fully develop all their talents. If your son or daughter has a passion for the visual or performing arts, then enrolling them in York Prep allows them to turn that passion into a rewarding creative outlet.

Art Education from a Renowned NYC Prep School

Our private middle school and high school curriculums offer courses that emphasize the development and application of your child’s artistic knowledge and skills. Our art classes are structured for small class sizes, allowing our teachers to focus on each student’s development on an individual level.

York Prep also offers its students a diverse range of clubs and activities that encourage personal growth along with a deep appreciation for art. Our campus is located within close proximity to Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, giving your child easy access to works that are sure to inspire.

An Expansive Visual Arts Programs

We at York Prep take a great deal of pride in being able to bring out our students’ creative sides. We have developed our Visual Arts program to encourage creative discovery and expression at every grade level.

NYC middle school and high school age children enrolled at York Prep not only learn about the wide range of artistic mediums, but are also taught advanced techniques and values that allow them to understand artistic works at a comprehensive level. This educational process brings out the inner artist in every child and is a major emphasis of our robust Visual Arts program.

An Enthusiastic Community for the Performing Arts

Students of York Prep not only have access to rich and rewarding visual arts courses but also to performing arts courses and extracurricular clubs that encourage theatrical and musical passions. At every curriculum level, we offer our students education in the musical and dramatic arts.

We also believe that a rich community for the performing arts is essential to fostering a child’s desire to express themselves. To achieve this engaging performing arts experience, we encourage our students to participate in our many theater and stage clubs and activities. We also produce musical and theatrical programs that give students hands-on experiences with the arts and help develop powerful teamwork and social skills.