40 West 68th Street
New York, NY 10023


Academic Philosophy

We started York Prep School together in 1969 with a clear vision of a private school in New York that could offer an outstanding education in a warm yet challenging atmosphere. Forty-five years later, we believe that York Prep has grown into the school of this vision. The school is unique among NYC independent schools in that it is headed by us, a husband and wife team, who offer a balance between a strong sense of structure and a gentle sense of caring. We are blessed with teachers who go above and beyond by giving a great deal of personal attention to every one of their students. We are proud of our students and their successes in so many areas. We believe that a student should look forward to coming to school every day. We select students who will benefit from the academic and extracurricular opportunities we offer. Our selection process is rigorous because, although our applicants come primarily from New York City elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, we receive referrals and requests from places outside of the metropolitan area as well.

We realize that every school feels it is unique among private middle schools and private high schools in New York. To fully appreciate what we do and what makes us special at York Prep, you need to visit and experience firsthand the inner workings of the school. As you tour our building, we believe you’ll notice the quality of the relationship between student and teacher and the high standard of learning taking place. We strive to maintain a unique educational atmosphere which still has the warmth of a small group of friends and yet is known for its serious and challenging academics. We’ve come to rely on the steadfastness of many members of our school’s administration. As York Prep’s founders, we -- of course -- have been here since 1969, but our Dean of the Upper School and our School Psychologist have been here for more than 40 years each. Indeed, the whole team works together as a family, adding to the stability of the school.

York Prep combines a progressive environment with a traditional-values approach to education. We are deeply involved at a hands-on, everyday level. The Headmaster teaches Ethics to all seniors; the Director of College Guidance is deeply committed to every student she counsels; the Principal, who is also the school psychologist, teaches psychology and physics; both the Head of School and the Co-Principal lead History classes; the Middle School Dean teaches Math; and the Upper School Dean teaches Art Portfolio.

Above all, we believe we’ve created an educational institution where students feel safe and motivated, where an overwhelming percentage of both faculty and students returns from year to year, and where students see very positive advances in their lives. York Prep is a place of great challenge with remarkable success in college placement. We hope that you will come and visit us.

Ronald and Jayme Stewart
Headmaster and Director of College Placement
York Prep School